miércoles, 21 de mayo de 2014


Since some years ago there was an unwanted hospital guest, something black, something moving fast between the beds , something undesirable, something intangible, something dark that terrified all the elders of that nursing home, what they called the "cat of terror" they said all in whom it would tarry die hopelessly .

Jacinto was a Catholic man who doesn't fear the death, but every times when he saw the cat pass, he was awful chills and nauseas, was a shame that would be left to the devil animal such a sacred place as an hospital for the elderly, people away from the felt panic, was a black cat like a raven and with bright green alien eyes, somebody said it was the incarnation of evil, as it decided someone must die where it be quiet.

A few days ago an elderly woman grabbed it and was tried to wring its neck after the cat meows and issued a hellish few officers grabbed the woman, she died a week later, the elders respected it, more than respected they feared it, had panic and grim , it was a black and four-footed devil.

One night Jacinto was sleeping peacefully in his room, he heard movement outside and a supernatural meow, to time the evil feline chose its victim, had been in vain all attempts to get rid of it, but since that officer brought it the place, it had gone from being a nice place to heal or in the last moment wait peacefully the death to be a place of nightmare.

Then he saw it, a reptilian green eyes and a small body black like night, but there was something else in that cat then a cold intelligence, an evil intelligence, something dark and demoniac.

-Kitty, that’s wrong - said Jacinto worried about if anything happened to the cat

And then it lets out a meow that seemed more like someone who just lost his soul

- What about you kitty, you're right- and approached to make a caress and suddenly the cat cruelly nailed Jacinto pain felt like a cold shock and noticed some burns, terrified and fell to the floor, suddenly cat like was a mythological entity, something about the legends of deep Spain stretched its legs and stood, and its ears stood on end and green eyes sparkled as he showed even more terrible smile.

Jacinto back terrified, and tried to get away, then something more horrible past, silly and chubby officer's cat began to move its shoulders and growing up. First as a child of 5 years old, after like a 10 and then reached the size of Jacinto and even more to become two meters of black demon, Jacinto squealed with all his might , but the cat understand what was happening and a unimaginable smile went by him detachment from its neck like a snake head and face to face came and looked at him and just see that face with green eyes and wide smile smart Jacinto felt the death, then the demon, river with woman's laughing, tall and wickedly and began its long nails to disembowel Jacinto, as much as he cries nobody heard and the worst thing was  when it opened his guts he was still alive.

The next morning as many others two officers found the everyday scene, another died aged naturally suspicious and his feet one cat.

- If Devil exists- said one of them – that’s its cat

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